Santa Maria Della Salute, Venice

I have never been a fan of Canaletto´s rather severe treatment of Venetian canalways and buildings along the quays. The drawing, perspective and realism is impressive enought but the harsh realism leaves me cold. I like this treatment of buildings arising out from the mist or fog with the architectural lines of the structures siffused by the elements. This work employs the use of three different whites, Titanium, Flake and Zinc, more about this in TUTORIALS.

St Patricks´s Bridge Cork

Cork has always had a very special place in my heart. This aspect of the bridge is worked in the morning light where the long purple shadows compliment the golden tones of the old architecture.

LÁrc De Triomphe, Paris

The evening lights transform what would otherwise be a drab traffic congestion into a feast of riotous colour. The rain accentuates the illuminated traffic lights and car headlights. People silhouetted against the shopfronts of the beautiful tree lined avenue. The deep purples of the evening shadows complimenting the fiery reds and salmon hues of the tail lights. This piece started in JENGA style but as the cars and shops needed definition it changes and in the foreground street glistened with rain, the entire palette becomes an impressionist blaze.

Las Ramblas de Barcelona

This painting was worked in pure JENGA style with the tiled blocks of colour being employed in complimentary alignments to achieve vivacity and exuberance. Every nation is depicted here, every age group and ethnicity. Like the actual city of Barcelona, there is a party atmosphere here on Las Ramblas, a city thriving with life!

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