Art Student to Artist to Art Teacher.

This was my invite for my exhibition in 2019, in Cork. It shows three fundamental stages in the oil painting process.

Teaching has always been a part of my Art Life. I have found that to teach the fundamentals of oil painting ( or Acrylic )one first needs to scrutinise the Masters. I study brushwork, composition, colour palette, themes , lighting, poses and presentations in order to know the work. It is only when I know the work so well that I can deconstruct these elements and reconstruct my own ¨recompositions¨


  • Colour Mixing
  • Sketching & Preparatory Drawing
  • First Grounds – Thick on Thin Oil Painting Techniques
  • Developing the Composition
  • Skin, Hair Tendons & Musculature
  • Cloth, Leather, Linen Folds & Velvets
  • Metal, Lights, Buckles & Armour
  • Shadows & Recesses
  • Final Workings