Las Parapluies

The following works were Art projects that were done at various workshops. Renoir is one of my favourite artists. I copied this work in stages as a teaching exercise. This is the best way to really understand the brushwork of the artist which in the case of Renoir is fascinating. The dappled colours in the foreground have emeralds, cobalts, rusts and bright oranges. The slanted over workings of the brush work fuse and merge some colour, but allow some colour to be more emphatic. In the areas of rusts and browns , as in the jackets and hats, the complimentary blues and indigos are evident in the shadows. In the contrasting indigos and blues of the figures clothes it is the opposite, the rusts and oranges are evident in the work. This brings a type of siffused uniformity to the scene and each section is balanced with the other.

Price of LAS PARAPLUIES: €2,000

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